Transfer to Vnukovo airport

Vnukovo airport is located in the South-West of 10 kilometers from Moscow and consists of 3 complexes. Vnukovo-1 accepts domestic and international flights. Vnukovo-2 meets and sends the country's top officials, heads of state and diplomats, and Vnukovo-3 is a business aviation center.

It is the third busiest airport after Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Zhukovsky airport. Passenger traffic in the first part is an average of 18 million per year, and destinations around the world there are about 170. From here you can get to 40 countries in Europe, abroad, Africa and Asia. Going to other cities or abroad, book a transfer to Vnukovo airport.

Why choose the Shuttle

  1. Optimal price. After registration of the application you will find some of the best offers from carriers.
  2. Comfort. Each car, regardless of class, is equipped with air conditioning. But if you plan to travel further by private transport, rent a car.
  3. select the class of transport depending on the purpose of the trip. If you travel suitable " economy, for business trips and meetings prefer only "business" and "premium".
  4. Safe with children. At the time of booking please specify in the comments that you are traveling with a child up to 12 years. The carrier will take this into account and will come with a special car seat.
  5. Booking through the app. The service has a mobile version and applications, through which it is convenient to make an order.

Vnukovo-1, the busiest, consists of three terminals. Building " A " was opened for regular flights in Russia. From terminal B, similar to "D", operates for Charter and regular international flights. All three buildings, connected to each other, are a unique example of architecture, awarded a medal at the world innovation salon.

In each terminal there are spacious waiting rooms with cafes, Duty Free and other shops. Here you can buy Souvenirs, fresh press-everything you need. Close to the airport there is an outlet center and Vnukovo Village hotel. The business rooms have massage chairs, play areas for children, buffet and other bonuses from Vnukovo. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the building.

There are 4 ways to get from Vnukovo to Moscow and the suburbs: bus, Aeroexpress, taxi and transfer. The most popular are high – speed electric trains running to Kievsky railway station every hour from 6 am to 12 am. The advantage is the absence of traffic jams. There's an underground passage from terminal A.

From the airport to the metro stations every 10-15 minutes buses and taxis with stops. Flight No. 911 and No. 272, move to the "Salaryevo". This is an inexpensive, but time-limited way. №611 "Troparevo", "Rumyantsevo" and "South-West" (to the last and yet №45). The orange metro line can be reached at №526 (Troparevo) and №705 (city center – October). This is an inexpensive, but time-limited way: the last bus leaves at 23.54.

Vnukovo is at the junction of 3-x highway: Minsk, Borovsky and Kiev. If you need to go to the suburbs or other airports, take a taxi. The cost outside the city will be several times higher, even for official companies.

The most profitable option in terms of "price-quality" will transfer. You will be met with a sign, driven for a fixed cost, without overpayment for mileage. Trust your way!