Transfer to Volgograd

How to get to Volgograd? There are several ways: buses, trains and, of course, the plane. To get comfortably from the airport or other cities of Russia, book a transfer to Volgograd

Volgograd was called Stalingrad until the 1960s. It is inextricably linked with the Great Patriotic War. The Battle of Stalingrad took place on the territory of the city. It affected the course of the war. Tourists attract this city with a real "Russian" nature, the oldest monasteries and monasteries.

Volgograd is a modern millionaire today. It is the cultural and economic centre of the region. The Mamayev Kurgan complex is located in the heart of the city. There are the famous monument "Motherland Calls". There is also a panoramic museum in honour of the military event, the Heroes and Sorrow Square, the Hall of Military Glory and others. Many city's attractions are connected with the Great Patriotic War.

During the war in Volgograd, a lot of buildings were destroyed. There are the Gergardt mill, Pavlov's House and the ruins of the Krasny Oktyabr plant.

Through the Volga stretches the bridge, which began to sway in 2010. Since then, it has been called "dancing."

If you travel with children, then the cultural and sports program needs to be diluted with entertainment. Do not pass by the Planetarium and the Museum-Reserve "Old Sarepta".

Adherents of an active way of life in Volgograd can go on boat trips on a boat and a boat. Many people come to the Volga to fish. But for this, you need to know the "fish" places. Akhtuba and Don have excellent bases. You can get here by renting a car with a driver in Volgograd.

The former Stalingrad is a small city in comparison with the capitals. There is a bus, tram and trolleybus service. From one end to the other can be reached by train and river transport, which is very convenient for residents of remote areas. The peculiarity of public transport is represented by metrotrames. This is a high-speed tram that rides on some sites under the ground.

If you are going to come to the city, book a transfer in Volgograd to By the way, you can rent a bus for excursions here.