Transfer to Girona

Going to the "immortal city" of Spain, it is necessary to take into account all the details of the trip. Book a transfer from the airport of Girona and don’t forget about the good mood. And if the second depends on you, then the first condition will take care of the service

Girona is famous for its ancient architecture and centuries-old history. The atmosphere of a cozy European province fascinates tourists with the intertwining of religions and different cultures. Colorful houses with a sagging roof, neighborhoods, differing in buildings from each other, baths of the XII-XIII centuries, cathedrals, museums. This is a multilayer mosaic that unites the city.

From the square-bridge "Catalonia" the sights of Girona begin. The cathedral, built in the XIV century. Its peculiarity consists in mixing architectural directions: Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance. There is a legend connected with the staircase of the cathedral. If a man counted an even number of steps, then he is a righteous man, an odd one is a sinner.

On the site of the burial of the holy patrons of the fortified city, St. Philip's church was built. On its territory is a figure of a lion climbing a hillside. Many believe, if you kiss the animal’s nose, you can go back again.

The Jewish Quarter is the historical heritage of Girona and an architectural monument of the XIV century. Thanks to the efforts of local residents and the administration, it was possible to preserve the original appearance of the district. Every spring, the famous Temps de flors festival of flowers is held here. The city turns into a greenhouse, and the streets and facades of the houses become big roses or peonies.

Mandatory to visit the museums of Girona. Unlike Madrid and Lloret de Mar, there are not many of them here, but everyone has an interesting excursion program. The Museum of the history of the city contains mummies of Capuchin monks, an extensive collection - at the Museum of Cinema and Modern Art.

A beautiful view of the city opens from the fortress walls that pass through the center. Near the building is located one of the first monasteries of Girona, San Domenech. Now here instead of monks there live students who often arrange improvised performances in the streets and squares.

Some attractions are far from each other, sometimes you need to book a transfer in Girona. A few buses, taxis and commuter trains make up the public transport of the city.

Using the services of the service you don’t have to think about how to get to the center of Girona. The only thing to be decided is where to go first and what to do with time.