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If you want to feel the real spirit of Spain, see how local people live and admire the sights, we recommend to visit Tarragona. It is a cozy and quiet provincial town, where national holidays and festivals take place every year. The streets have many bright colors, delicious smells and music everywhere. How to get to Tarragona? Book your transfer at Our experienced drivers will help you carry your luggage, quickly take you to the hotel and tell you about the most interesting places in the city.

Almost two thousand years ago, Tarragona was the capital of Spain during the reign of the Roman Empire. In the center there are many ancient ruins, on which one can see the writing of that time. Tourists are attracted by the II century amphitheater on the Mediterranean coast, as well as fragments of the forum and a necropolis in the walls of the Old City. A stunning panorama opens from the Archaeological Alley, which rises a little above Tarragona.

The city is divided into two blocks: Upper and Lower, which connects the street Rambla Nova. In the first there are boutiques, souvenir shops, clubs, bars and offices. In the second is the historical center and most of the museums, exhibition grounds, galleries.

Excursions begin on the mountain "Mediterranean balcony", from where you can see the surroundings, the sea and ancient sights. For example, the ruins of the mansions of Roman nobles. Go down and face a wall 4 km long and 10 meters high. Previously, it protected the city from enemy raids. Nearby is the Royal Square, where stands the National Historical Museum, the Circus and the Art Gallery. In the heart of Tarragona, the Roman Forum is open to visitors. Here they discussed state affairs, wrote laws, conducted trade and got married.

The bus station stands in the center, from where buses of domestic and international routes go. Opening hours are from 07:00 to 21:00 daily. Routes of the company "Alsa" run to Barcelona and Madrid. In the southern part is the railway station "Camp de Tarragona", which connects the city with other environs. If you want to feel the local color, rent a bicycle or rent a car with a driver.

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