Transfer in New York


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If you want to visit New York, do not forget to plan the journey in advance. You need to book a hotel room no less than 2 weeks before the trip. The same goes for the transfer. In order not to get lost in the city book a transfer no less than two weeks before the trip. By the time of leaving you would receive plenty of driver offers and would be able to choose the best one.

How to get to New York? There are 3 airports: John Kennedy, Newark and LaGuardia. The public transport goes only to the nearest area so for the most comfort book a transfer in New York.

The city is located on the south-east of the New York state. on the coast of Atlantic. The symbol of the city is the Statue of Liberty. It’s 93m high and it can be seen from almost any point in the city. The city of New York consists of five boroughs: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

Manhattan is located in the south of the city on the island of the same name. It is the heart of the megapolis, his engine, and the main tourist attraction. You can cross the whole borough on foot. There is a ferry which travels between Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty several times per day. More than 2.5 mln people live in Brooklyn. The Russian quarter in Brighton Beach is within Brooklyn. Staten Island is considered both a dormitory district and an elite one. Queens is a borough with a very diversified population. The Bronx has a variable landscape. It may be the reason there are so many natural landmarks like parks, zoos, and boulevards.

New York fascinates with its lifestyle and rhythm. More and more people each year visit the city. If you plan a trip to New York, plan your trip ahead. Start with Times Square. The famous Madame Tussauds’ museum is nearby.

When tired of the city hustle locals go to Central Park. You can enjoy nature, jog or see one of many free concerts or plays. The Central Park is also close to Broadway.

On the way from Brooklyn to Manhattan, you would cross the Brooklyn Bridge. They have been building it for 30 years. It used to be the longest hanging bridge and it still functions. The nearby Brooklyn museum holds many fascinating exhibitions.

There are so many means of public transport that it can become hard to navigate in the city. The New York Subway is working 24/7. To save money, we suggest buying the Metro Card. It can be bought in the ticket window underground or in any shop under the special sign. The buses cruise around the city or inside the specific area. There are also taxis - yellow cabs that can be “caught” by waving a hand. To make more wonderful discoveries rent a car with a driver in New York.