Överföring till Italien

Transfer in Italy is one of the most convenient ways to get to any place from the airport. The driver will meet you in arrival zone, help you with the luggage and get you to the hotel faster than any kind of public transport.

Italy is a country of Mediterranean beaches, ski resorts and world class shopping. If your goal is to see as many historical monuments and objects of cultural heritage it’s best to go to such tourist cities as Rome, Milan, Venice, Verona and Florence. The heart of Italy contains a lot of historical sights, including the Vatican, Pisa, Sistine Chapel, Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Pantheon. Book a transfer in Italy to see large cities and their surroundings.

In the south of Italy there’s a 7500 km - long seaside with how resorts and picturesque coves. Italy is washed by four seas: Tyrrhenian, Adriatic, Ionian and Ligurian. The most popular resorts are in Rimini and Riccione. Between them lies a place of non-stop rave - Sanremo. Here bars, clubs and restaurants are open 24/7 ( except for siesta on Mondays). This noisy place is best visited with friends, tourists with kids would feel better in Rimini. Use passenger transfer services in Italy to reach any resort.

The North of Italy is the place where fashion and Italian shopping are born. People go to Milan to get the latest collections. The most famous brands and shops are here. No tourist would leave this place empty-handed after visiting the outlets. To cool off after a hot spree of shopping you can go to a ski resort. Despite the high prices, health tours to Italy are very popular. They say the hot springs of Abano Terme and Monsummano Terme can heal anything.

Yearly tourist traffic in Italy is very heavy. Summer weather in the North and on the seaside of Italy don’t differ much : average temperature is +22°C – +26°C. The snow in winter is very rare, so as below-zero temperature.

With a booked car with a driver in Italy you can see as many things as you want and even save money on taxi. Travel with comfort!