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Transfer in Korea is a great alternative to public transport. You don't have to overpay for a trip or look for Internet access at the airport to order a taxi. Book your transfer to

South Korea is located in East Asia. This is a state with a high level of development of the economy, industry and culture. It is believed that the first schools and universities appeared more 4.5 thousand years ago. Therefore, it isn't surprising that when you find yourself here, it seems that you are in the future.

Seoul is the capital of South Korea. The city combines ancient temples and neon high-rise buildings. The past meets the future: the locals respectfully observe traditions and actively use modern technologies. We recommend to visit the XVI century Gyeongbokgung Palace, Jongmyo Temple or climb the observation platform of the tallest skyscraper in the center of the Uksam-Building. Rent a car with a driver in South Korea is convenient for those who do not want to face the language barrier. Specify the route and the carrier will take you to your destination.

See also: Busan, Jeju-do, Yongpyeong, Mooju, Ulsan, and Gwangju.

On the territory there are mountains, coniferous forests and seaside resorts. People go to South Korea to relax with their families on clean beaches or mineral springs, to go to ski resorts. Some tourists visit the country for the sights: monasteries and pagodas, royal palaces and ancient monuments. Travelers can now plunge into the world of the XXII century and test technical innovations. Take advantage of passenger transportation services in Korea if you want to be sure of quick and comfortable transportation to your destination. For example, the palace Changyong.

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