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Arriving in a new country, don’t want to wait for public transport or look for a stop. How to get to the city with heavy luggage? Book in advance transfer to Seoul on the website In case of a flight delay, the driver will wait for 60 minutes for free.

The city is located on the banks of the Khangan River among the mountain elevations. It is an industrial, economic, cultural and tourist center of the country. Tourists can see both modern sights and ancient monuments of architecture.

For example, the Great South and East Gate served as the entrance to Seoul. Everyone who entered, heard the echoing bells.

We recommend visiting Gyeongbokgung Palace, the main royal residence. It was built over 500 years ago by decree of the ruling dynasty of Joseon. The main buildings of this complex are the Hall Junjon Hall and the Kenhweru Pavilion. The Historical Museum is located in the Gyeonghigun building, the second official home of Korean nobles. After the excursion, take a walk in the "Secret Garden" and go to the "Jade Creek". Now this area is considered a national reserve. During construction, they observed not only the laws of architecture, but also took into account the principles of Confucianism and specially calculated favorable astrological days.

Seoul is hard to imagine without his temples. Chogesa is the most famous among them. Tourists can stay here for a few days and learn how to meditate. Jongmyo Cathedral was erected in honor of the ancient Joseon Dynasty. Its decor is very lush and solemn. The walls are made of marble, and the walls are decorated with jewels with gilding.

There are many interesting museums in the city. Buy a ticket to the War Memorial of the Republic of Korea to see how this country went and what it cost. The most complete picture of culture, character and local customs is given in the National Museum, where more than 220,000 exhibits are represented.

The public transport system in Seoul is well developed. For buses, special lanes are allocated so that they don’t stand in traffic jams. There are no usual number flights, the direction of the bus determines its color. Yellow links the business part of the city with the nearest districts, green and red runs between residential areas and the metro, blue connects the suburb with the center.

Metro consists of 9 lines, which consists of 316 stations. They are divided into zones designated in Korean, Chinese and English. Bicycle is also popular in Seoul as a means of transportation. For him, built a separate road.

Seoul Airport is located in 70 kilometers from the city center. How to get to him? You can use the AREX express train, KTX trains, shuttles or taxis. Travel time takes more than an hour. If you don’t want to spend time, book in advance transfer on the website or you can order a car with a driver in Seoul.

Seoul is a multifaceted city where ancient temples and modern skyscrapers harmoniously adjoin. Almost 50 years ago there wasn’t a single high-rise building on the streets, and electricity was given several times a day. Today it is one of the most technologically advanced capitals in the world.