Transfer in Korea

Transfer in Korea is a great alternative to public transport. You won't have to pay extra for a trip or look for access to a Wi-Fi hotspot at the airport to book a taxi.

South Korea is a country with a high level of economic, industrial and cultural development. It is believed that the first schools and universities here were found around 4.5 thousand years ago. Tourists come to the country to get acquainted with the culture. Usually the first city to visit is Seoul. On the streets of the capital, you can find ancient temples and neon high-rise buildings standing next to each other. Here, the past figuratively meets the future, and the locals actively use modern technologies while respecting the traditions. We recommend to visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace of the XVI century, the temple of Jeonme or climb the observation deck of the tallest skyscraper in the centre of the Yuksam building. Rent a car with a driver in South Korea, you will be able to visit the sights in the city, and in the area just in a few days.

In South Korea, you can relax with your family on the beach, take a trip to the mineral spring resorts and spend time at ski resorts. The national parks have Hiking trails so that travelers can fully enjoy nature. For example, in the Seoraksan nature reserve, which is located in Gangwon province, you will see a picturesque landscape: green areas, Seoraksan mountains and many waterfalls. Other tourists visit the country for the sake of attractions: monasteries and pagodas, Royal palaces and ancient monuments. Use passenger transportation services in Korea, if you want your commute around the city to be fast and comfortable.

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Book a transfer in South Korea it is an opportunity to save time, avoid traffic jams and visit many more interesting places. Relax and have pleasant travels.