Transfer to Saranda

Tourism in Albania is only gaining now, but to get to the picturesque lands is not easy. Only one international airport meets guests in Tirana. If you do not know how to get to Saranda from the capital, book a transfer to The advantages of individual transportation over public transport are obvious. You do not have to luggage with other passengers in a stuffy bus. In addition, transport from the airport runs extremely rarely, and the schedule is difficult to know without knowing the local language. The driver will meet you in the arrivals area and quickly take you to your destination. Travel comfortably with!

Saranda is one of the resorts of the Albanian Riviera. The city attracts tourists with a comfortable climate, inexpensive vacation, as well as the location near Montenegro and the island of Corfu.

Within the city there are several pebble beaches. In the bay of the Ionian Sea, too, clean, here residents comes to sunbathe and swim . In the evening, tourists go to the evening promenade on the city embankment. On the way, you can buy souvenirs or have dinner in a restaurant. From Saranda by water transport, you can get to the island of Corfu, where it will be comfortable to spend a family vacation.

Of the sights within the city, there are the ruins of Baptrini. This ancient city was once called New Troy, and today it is a museum-preserve in Albania. You will see here fortresses, a real Roman aqueduct and churches. If you will experience impressions for cultural enrichment, visit Foinik. It is the largest acropolis of all epochs: it is more than the Athenian 7 times.

In Saranda there is an archaeological museum, several churches in the city center and the castle of Ali Pash Teplena. On the hill you can see the 15th-century Lecursé towering above the city. It offers a picturesque view. We recommend you to visit the restaurant with a veranda on the territory of the fortress. In Sarand you can also go on excursions to natural monuments: Konipol caves, the "Blue Spring", etc.

Public transport in Saranda does not go. The roads in the country are poorly developed. Tirana is located 250 kilometers from the resort city, but you will have to travel instead of 3-4 hours - 6 hours. You can get to the sea from the island of Corfu, as well as on a transfer from Montenegro. If you arrive at Mother Teresa International Airport, be sure to book a transfer to Saranda. You will not need to look for a taxi on the spot and overpay. With foreign drivers, it's difficult to agree on a price, especially if you do not know Albanian. By booking a car on, you will know in advance the cost of the trip. Travel without overpayment!