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Albania is poorly known tourist point of the Balkan country with a unique culture and local natural beauty. If you have already visited Montenegro and Greece, vacation in Albania seems to be more unusual and exotic. Albania during the whole XX century was isolated, and because of this laziness remains mysterious continent for adventure lovers.

To begin your excursion should be a small capital of Tirana, where the center of the city you can find remarkable monuments, museums and examples of architectural art: the Museum of national culture, Edema Bey Mosque and clock tower. It is surprising, but the most beautiful view of the city from the Cemetery of the martyrs. Rent a car with driver in Albania - the best way to get acquainted with the sights.

In the ancient city of Shkodra, situated on the shores of Skadar lake, it is recommended to visit the mosque of Sheikh Abdullah al Zamil-Samila and Public Museum. Narrow streets, fresh air and cuisine, rich fish create an atmosphere of a country holiday with a cultural program. By the way, one of the most popular sports in Albania is ecotourism in the coastal villages.

You should also pay attention to explore the Albanian mentality of the popular cities are vlorë, durrës, Berat, Korça, Saranda and others.

Beach holidays in Albania, washed by the Ionian and the Adriatic sea, developed in Saranda, Vlora and Durres. Frequent guests of these resorts choose tours here in view of clear sea and untouched nature.

In the Albanian Alps national Park "Lure", and the canyons of Skrapar, mountain Daichi and Tomor need to visit just to add to the list of "mandatory Affairs".

The climate of Albania is characterized as mild Mediterranean. The season lasts from may to September, as autumn begins the season of rains. The average summer temperature is +30°C, and in winter 9°C. In winter mountains mark the thermometer drops to -20°C. Even in July, peaks of the snow.

Reasons to book tickets to Albania, at least two: the lack of a large flow of tourists and the mysterious veil of history and tourist spots. To reveal it, go to travel, using the services for the carriage of passengers in Albania on the service