Transfer to Tirana

In the 17th century, the Ottoman ruler laid down a mosque, a hammam and a bakery. Thus began the history of Tirana. For a long time, tourists couldn’t get to closed Albania, but now everyone can visit it. For a comfortable trip, we recommend you to book a transfer in Tirana through the service

For 400 years the city has undergone various changes. The architecture of the buildings bears the impressions of Turkish, Italian, German and Russian culture. And 40 km from the city is the Adriatic Sea, one of the cleanest in Europe.

When you walk in the center, you notice how the buildings of pastel tones surround the Skanderbeg square. It is named after the national hero and is decorated with his sculpture. In the northern part is the National Historical Museum. The exposition includes the history of ancient times, the period of the era of communism and anti-communist protests in the 90s of the XX century.

It also houses the Haji-Ethem Bay mosque. This is symbol of the revival of spiritual freedom. When Enver Hoxha was in power, he proclaimed atheism in the country. Therefore, the religious structure is of great importance for the inhabitants of Tirana. Nearby is the clock tower of Saat-Kula. From its observation platform a panorama of the whole city opens. In the National Historical Museum tourists get acquainted with life and culture, and on the square with the same name there stands a monument to Mother Teresa, the most famous woman of Albania.

If you want to see the city from a bird's eye view, you need to climb the cable car to Mount Daiti. The cable car is a local attraction of Tirana, which leads to the national park. And at the top station there is a restaurant that spins around the axis of the tower.

During the religious persecutions, the Orthodox Church of the Resurrection of the Lord and the mosque of Efem Bay survived. For those who wish a free tour of the sights of the city is conducted daily. The group starts at 9.00 on Skanderbeg Square.

The historical center isn’t so big, so it can be bypassed on foot or rent a bicycle. In the city there are 6 rental points with stands of detailed tourist information about the sights. On Tirana it is convenient to move, because there are no mountains and many bike paths have been laid. For long-distance travel, for example, to the nearby town of Saranda, local people use buses or taxis. The popular route "Unaze" passes through the city center.

Albania is a mysterious country. Tourism is actively developing here. If you don’t know how to get to Tirana, book a transfer through the service with a guarantee of quality and at a bargain price. Comfort during the trip is provided.