Transfer to Shkoder

There is an ancient city of Shkoder in Albania, near the border with Montenegro. The date of its Foundation is considered to be 500 BC. The proof of it is the first fortress of the Rosaf. Shkoder is located in a picturesque corner on the shore of Skadar lake. Ot is worth visit it traveling to Albania. To make your trip more comfortable, book a transfer

Once Shkoder was the center of trading routes. A fortress Rozafa was built to guard it. There were only ruins today, but anyone can get there. There is also a Museum here. To visit the exhibition you need to buy a ticket. The building is located on a hill. There is an panoramic view of the small cozy streets with low buildings and the river Drin and Boone. In addition to the Rozafa, there is another fortress on another hill. The entrance is paid. If you look closely from hill, you can see the military bunkers on the slope.

Vacation on the lake will be exciting. Here you can go fishing with residents, boating and sunbathing on the beach. The Messi stone bridge is connecting through the river Kir. It was built in the XVIII century in honor of Skanderbeg, the leader of the uprising against the Ottomans. According to legend, there were only three bridges, but only one has survived to this day.

Part of the population is Muslims (indigenous people), others people is Catholics (heggi) in Shkodra. Therefore, it is necessary to go to the Catholic Church Ruga Ndre-Mjeda and the mosque Sheikh Zamil Abdullah al-Zamil. The interior of the shrines is striking luxury, but you need to get attention for the shiny sun domes. By the way, next to the Rozafa – the Lead Mosque, which is the only surviving from the 60s of the last century. During this period, Albania declared itself an atheistic country: the inhabitants destroyed all the churches and mosques. But people didn't call the Lead Mosque because of that. During the construction, lead was used to strengthen the walls.

If you plan to stay in town for a couple days, be sure to visit the Museo-Populo. The exhibition presents historical photos from the excavations, as well as recently opened a hall with exhibits, which has at least 8 thousand years.

Most of the cars in Shkoder are produced by Mercedes concern. But this does not mean that the local population is rich. Bus service within and outside the city became available not so long ago. There are no railway tracks at all. In the mountainous areas passengers can be reached only by car and by boats in the suburbs.

Previously, the bus stop was on Democracy square. Because of reconstruction, the Parking lot was moved to Bujar Bishanaku Boulevard, near the city theater and the main mosque. Buses run through the small streets and do not stop near attractions. It is best to move around the city in a rented car with a driver. If you do not know how to get to Shkoder, use the transfer service.

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