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If you order transfer in Australia, you save both time and money. drivers know the best routes. You will reach the destination without traffic jams. The cost of the trip is fixed at the time of application’s confirmation. There aren’t surcharges and the conditions.

Tourists arrive with a great pleasure in a country where kangaroo and dangerous spiders roam freely on land and man-eating sharks inhabit in the oceans and seas, bordering the coast of Australia.

Despite the short history, Australia can surprise even experienced tourists. Various ways of traveling and local flora and fauna are a perfect combination with museums and unique architecture of main cities. In the capital of Australis - Canberra, live about 400 thousand indigenous people, but the most popular place to visit is still Sydney. Exactly there, in Sidney you can find the famous Opera house which decorates most of postcards from Australia. It is worth to visit the old prison and enjoy the view from the Eureka Tower in Melbourne.

There are an infinite number of resorts and water sports in addition to the big cities and attractions in Australia. If you never surfing, you’d better catch the great wave by good advices of competent instructors. If you want to see undersea world it would be a good idea to take some snorkeling courses on the Great barrier reef, which length is 2600 km. Very extreme and exciting leisure activities is waiting for you also in Safari. Tourists go on a comfortable jeeps and spend the night choosing tent instead of hotel.

You can enjoy fresh air, active rest and see the country from a completely different angle in a National Park on the plateau of Ben Lomond, where the ski season begins in June-August. Beautiful nature is at the height of 1460 meters. It is interesting that in the mountains of Tasmania receives more snow than in the Alps.

The weather is quite unusual for travelers here, as summer and winter are reversed. While usual cold season for all people, locals and travelers in Australia start catching a wave and celebrate Xmas at 32-42°C. They go to the beaches with their families to celebrate a joyful event. But the Australian winter is very unfriendly with its constant rain, storms and wind. However, it is recommended to visit the Great barrier reef from June to July, the thermometer keeps steady at +15-18°C at this time.

It is must to try local wines (not only mulled wine) in the ski resorts. Australian cuisine will surprise you with delicacies and specialties: fried meat is the main dish, but it isn’t usual beef and pork. Oysters and blue crab’s meat, meat of crocodiles and sharks isn’t inferior in taste. Australians prefer to try a Lamington for dessert. It’s the tender biscuit with chocolate fondant and fruit sauce sprinkled with coconut. Exotic cuisine might be the main reason to visit Australia.

Book a transfer in Australia to travel in comfort in such an ambiguous and colorful country.