Transfer in Sydney

Going on a trip to Australia and decided to look in Sydney? Do not forget to book a transfer to comfortably get your destination from another city or airport.

How do I get to Sydney? Sydney International airport is the busiest in the country. All terminals are within the Mascot area, so you can easily get the hotel from here. State Transit Airport buses run every 20 minutes from the airport terminal to the city centre. Trains run from stations in terminal 1 and between terminals 2 and 3. If you want to spend time on the road with comfort, book a transfer to Sydney. This is especially true when you are traveling with a large company or with your family.

Sydney is located on the Southeast coast of the mainland. This is a real city of contrasts because the center is strewn with skyscrapers and business centers and beaches and parks at the coast. Sydney is divided into 38 districts and is considered the largest city in Australia, ahead of even the capital. Tourists are most often in the Central city and the Rocks, as well as Palm Beach and Newport.

The most famous landmark is the Opera House in Sydney harbor. The structure looks like artificial waves, someone compares the building with a floating ship with sails. If you plan to send a postcard to loved ones, then most likely on the front of the envelope will show off the Opera house.

The 262-meter high TV-tower is considered to be the Symbol of the capital of New South Wales. We recommend you to go on a tour to capture the view of the city and the Bay from a bird's eye view. If you do not have enough extreme on the tower, then go to conquer Harbor Bridge, which is on the other side of the Bay from the Opera House. The bridge runs through Port Jackson Bay and rises 139 meters above the water. You need to pass a test for the presence of alcohol in the blood to get to the side of the arch.

Be sure to visit the Royal Botanic gardens and Hyde Park. By the way around the latter there are many other architectural attractions that also deserve attention: the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, the historical Museum and others.

The first australia's zoo is in Mosman, a suburb of Sidney. It was opened in 1884, gradually expanded the territory and imported new species of animals. Today, the zoo is home to more than 2,500 animals. In addition to excursions, there are educational programs. Visitors are attracted to the cable car, which runs from the Taronga Zoo to Sydney harbor. To get here, use the car rental service with driver in Sydney. So do not have to build a route, to understand the traffic rules of another country and to look for Parking.

If your purpose is to rest on the coast, then you are very lucky because all beaches are free. Central Bondi beach is dotted with trendy places: bars, cafes and clubs. With children it is best to sunbathe on the Shark or Balmoral. Most of the tourists go to Palm Beach, as it is considered the most beautiful place in the Bay. Sydney is popular for diving because many dive sites are closed to the coastline: Shark cave, Botany Bay and Barrens hat reef.

From 5: 00 to 23: 00, public transport is available throughout the city: trains, buses and ferries. Railway connection replaces local residents subway. Pay in all modes of transport can be opal card, applying at the entrance to the reader. But if you need to go to another city, the most convenient is the transfer. Do not save money on comfort and travel with pleasure!