Transfer to Innsbruck

Supporters of an active way of life know how to properly distribute forces on vacation despite their preferences for walking. For example, when you arrive in Innsbruck for ski resorts, it is recommended to book a transfer to Innsbruck in advance on Having saved the strength and time, immediately after the airport you can take the equipment and go to the best routes in Austria.

Innsbruck is the capital of the Tyrol region in the heart of the Eastern Alps. The city is surrounded on the one side by the Karwendel Range, and on the other by the Inn. Today tourists go to Innsbruck for ski resorts which is popular all over the world: the Nordpark, the Schlick-2000, the Kütai, the Akzamer-Litsium and others. The Winter Olympic Games were held twice in this region, so the infrastructure is modernized constantly. There is an airport in Innsbruck, so for roundtrips order the transfer "Instbrook - Airport", and vice versa.

Innsbruck was founded in 1239. Since then, a lot of events have occurred in the history of a small city: several times it has been attempted to capture, and even more revolutions and insurrections are. But despite this story, there are many attractions.

At the beginning of the trip, before you get on the skis, go to the castle of Hofburg. There was once the residence of the Habsburgs. The facade of the structure is made in the Baroque and Rococo style, but the inner halls and rooms are the most interesting: the Hall of Giants with portraits of the Habsburgs and the Gothic cellar. Sculptures and paintings are presented at an exposition of the Gothic cellar.

The business card of the Tyrolean lands is the Golden Roof, a balcony of gold-plated medals. It can be seen at the beginning of the Herzog-Friedrich-Straße, which is adorned with the building of one museum. By the way, the exhibition here is dedicated to this brilliant sight. It is also worth visiting the Tyrolean State Museum and the Folk Art Museum.

For connoisseurs of medieval architecture, the interest will be the cathedrals of Hofrikfeh and St. James. The interior of the temples was painted by the German artist Albrecht Durer.

To enjoy the view of the city, go to the observation deck of the 31-meter City Tower on the same Herzog-Friedrich-Straße, or already on a funicular climb to the mountains.

By the way, ski resorts are considered one of the most popular and comfortable for athletes of any level of training. For experienced skiers, the Akzmer-Litsum and Nordpark trails are suitable, for families-Muterer Alm, Patcherkofel. By the way, children should visit the alpine zoo Karwendel. SkiPass operates at all the resorts.

You can get to the resorts by Skype or by transfer from In order not to ask questions on how to get to Innsbruck, you can also use the shuttle service. Since the city is small, one part to the other can be reached by bus and fast enough. They ply until late at night. Taxi around the city is not a cheap pleasure. If you want to save time on sightseeing, rent a car with a personal driver on