Transfer in Austria

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Going on a trip, do not forget to book a transfer to Austria, which will comfortably take you to the hotel. best trait is affordable prices and favorable conditions for people's movements. Book a transfer in Austria at the most convenient transportation service.

People who traveled through Austria stayed here more than for a day. Austria is the heart of Europe, which located only 60 miles from Germany and Italy. There are the best examples of medieval architecture and unique Alpine landscape. You'll want to return to the little Europe every year because of the indescribable atmosphere, that attracts you each time more and more.

Beside magnificent Austrian gothic, renaissance, baroque, classic and modern architecture, it is the motherland for such classical composers as Haydn, Mozart, Schubert and Strauss. And don't forget that we still read St. Zweig's novels!

The country is divided into 9 regions with their capitals, which must be visited. Vienna, capital of Austria, is full of history’s echoes in the palaces and abandoned castles, museums and philharmonics. Waltz, opera and classical music are closely associated with the Salzburg as much as spa resorts and thermal springs are associated with Carinthia. There is something to see in all cities: The Palace of Schonbrunn Rococo-style, reminiscent of French Versailles and creepy Museum of pathology, the organic nature of forests and the mysterious ice cave of Salzburg. To get from one city to another, use the services of transportation of passengers in Austria on our service.

The climate in Austria is temperate, the warmest months give +25-/+30 °C and the thermometer in the plains don’t fall below -2 °C. Another thing is a mountainous area, where the lovers of skiing are spending a lot of time. For example, the maximum negative temperature reaches -14 °C in Innsbruck, where the Swarovski factory and its Museum.

You’d also love to visit restaurant with veranda, where under an umbrella you will enjoy the passing bustle and find pleasure in famous dessert: apple strudel, also known as Zakher cake. But you won’t dine lightly because all the main dishes are known for their satiety: only imagine a veal schnitzel, or numerous soups with meatballs, or dumplings and noodles. In Austrian pubs it’s a common way to have sausages together with different kinds of beer.

It is important to save time on vacation. Between attractions it is most convenient to move by car. Rent a car with driver in Austria will allow you to visit more places. The driver will park the car waiting for you as much as necessary.