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Transfer is a convenient way to travel from point A to point B. This service is most popular among tourists. Going on vacation to Austria, book a transfer from Vienna airport. On the most favorable prices for transportation, as the cost you put yourself. Travel comfortably with!

Vienna is the capital of Austria, located on the banks of the Danube and at the foot of the Alps. The city is certainly associated with the classic tunes of Strauss and Mozart, complete with legends castles, cathedrals and numerous museums. In the city, there are many medieval buildings and architecture of the late period: the Hofburg Palace of the 13th century, the Augustinian tomb of the 14th century and the Belvedere Palace.

The administrative capital of Austria is divided into 23 districts, each of which has a name and number. The boundaries between the parts are strictly limited on all maps. In area 1, or the Inner district, there is a historical and tourist center. In modern areas 2-9 there are business centers, large banks, excellent restaurants and bars, as well as hotels and hotels for any wallet.

There are so many memorable places (museums, theaters and palaces) in Vienna that hardly all of them can be visited. Certainly, you will see St. Stephen's Cathedral of the 12th century and the Viennese Town Hall, which are considered symbols of the city. In the cultural program, be sure to include a musical performance in the Vienna Opera. In addition to the Hofburg, it is considered the former residence of the Habsburgs and Schönbrunn. Here is the city zoo, in which you must certainly go with the children.

The Hundertwasser House also attracts visitors. This is a residential building on the roof of which the grass grows. It is rumoured that in some apartments are planted real trees.

In Vienna, about 80 museums have been opened for the guests of the capital. The most popular ones are the Freud Museum, the Gallery of Street Art, the Leopold Museum with the exhibition "Austrian Art of the 19th-21st Centuries." But few people will dare to buy a ticket to the museum of funeral supplies. This is true for those who visited the museum of Longholm prison in Sweden.

In Vienna, the slow rhythm of life, but if you want to stay in silence in nature, go to the Leopoldsberg hill. Here is an excellent observation deck, which offers a beautiful view of the city. To get to Vienna back, book a transfer on the convenient service

If you want to please loved ones with a souvenir from Vienna, buy marzipan sweets in any souvenir shop or confectioners. These are traditional sweets, before which no one can resist.

Even the most popular cities: Innsbruck, Salzburg.

Travellers enjoy the popularity of a tram that runs along the Ringstraße. On the road, you can listen to the audio guide and enjoy the historical part of Vienna.

The public transport network is developed "at the level": electric trains, buses, trams and taxis (quite expensive). Tickets for public transport are the same, but depending on the area of the city, the price varies.

A high-speed train runs from Schwechat airport to Vienna. Do not wait for a train on schedule and spend this time, for example, in a museum, book a transfer in Vienna.