Transfer from Schwechat Airport

Schwechat Airport is located 18 kilometers from Vienna. It is considered the largest and most loaded air hub in the country. There are 4 terminals on the territory that serve domestic, charter, international destinations and low-cost flights. Passenger traffic is more than 25 million tourists a year. Book your transfer to Schwechat Airport on to get to the center quickly.

Why choose a transfer to
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  2. 2. The drivers have the necessary license to carry out passenger transportation.
  3. 3. Round-the-clock information support of customers.
  4. 4.Machines are equipped with children's car seats and seat belts.
  5. 5. Comfortable transfer from the airport to the hotel.

Initially, the air unit was used for military purposes in 1938. Then he began to carry out civilian flights. At the beginning of the XXI century Schwechat was recognized as the best airport in Central and Eastern Europe. Here passengers can take advantage of luggage storage rooms, children's rooms, conference rooms. There are bars and cafes, a medical center and pharmacies around the clock. WI-FI is free.

How to get to Schwechat airport? Take advantage of public transport. Buses and shuttles run every 30 minutes from 06:00 to 0:30. The journey takes about an hour. The express train runs from 06:30 to 23:35. Tickets can be booked in advance. The cheapest way to get to Vienna is by train. The final train station is the City Railway Station.

Book your transfer on, the driver will wait for you in advance in the arrival area, even if the flight is delayed.