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The transfer is passenger transportation from point A to point B. Experienced tourists are recommended to use transfer services in travel. For example, arriving at Mozart airport, which was named after the composer of the classic Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, you will not wait for a taxi or look for a public transport stop. You only need to book a transfer from Salzburg airport to and travel with comfort!

Salzburg is a European town in Austria with the appropriate architecture, the comfort of cobbled streets and verandas of small cafes. Once the home of Mozart, you always record the Salzburg to the list of places where you need to go back. The city borders Germany and, like Vienna, Innsbruck, is located at the foot of the Alps in the North and on the banks of the Salzach.

Before you go skiing on one of Salzburg's most comfortable mountain trails, explore the city and its history. This will tell you the local attractions and museums. First of all, go to the Central square of The residence of the 18th century. The 17th-century Residenzbrunnen fountain is right in the centre. Making a memorable photo of him, feel free to continue the tour of the square. Here you can visit the Museum Zattler, a New residence and a Gallery of paintings of European countries. The Getreidegasse street in the heart of Salzburg is ideal for Hiking and leads to the old town. By the way, on this street is the House-Museum of Mozart, where you should look not only to fans of his work.

Religious buildings worth visiting include St. Peter's Abbey (690), Franciscan Church (1223), Cathedral (1598). And in Salzburg Cathedral baptized Mozart himself.

If you want to visit the pompous palaces of Royal families and nobles, you will like tours of the castles. Hohensalzburg is situated on the mountain Festungsberg 120 metres above sea level. You can climb here by funicular or on foot. The castle's observation deck offers scenic views of the old town. No less interesting will be to visit the Mirabell Palace. Now here is the Baroque Museum. After a fascinating tour or in front of it is to walk through the Park of the same name on the territory of the Palace. The garden is famous for having more than 170 dwarf figures. After the first installation of the sculpture, 28 times removed and exposed back. Some burgomasters believed that it spoils the appearance of the city as a whole.

If you are travelling with children, take a look at the local zoo. Conditions on the territory are close to natural, to the wild. The Toy Museum is not only the halls with exhibits, and the games room. Amusement parks are located outside the city. About 40 kilometres to the parks "Ruhpolding" and "Fantaziya" will be held in the same breath, if you go there in a rented car with a personal driver. Children will be delighted with a roller coaster, dinosaurs and other carousels.

Most of the tourists go to the city mainly in the summer, as it is in July-August Salzburg music festival in honour of Mozart. This tradition was born in 1920. Since then, the holiday is held with its inherent celebration every year. In January is held the dance of the ghosts, and in September, the day of the Archbishop (this day is more like festivities). In summer, the local population and tourists go to Salzkammergut for a beach holiday on the shores of Lake Hallstatt, in winter-to the ski resorts. Near Salzburg are bad Hofstein, bad Gastein and Kitzbuhel. These resorts are known for the fact that there are also thermal springs, in addition to ski slopes. You can get here by Shuttle in Salzburg.

The transport system of a small town is very convenient for the Austrians themselves, which can not be said about tourists. Without knowing the language, it will be difficult to understand the schedule on which minibuses and buses ply. Buses and trolleybuses run on 20 routes. Taxis are usually parked near shopping malls, airports and train stations. Catching the arm of the machine in Austria is not accepted. If you do not know how to get to Salzburg from the ski resorts, and Vice versa, book a transfer to