Get Transfer in Azerbaijan

Book your transfer from the airport in Azerbaijan not to burden yourself with unnecessary monetary and time expenses. The car booked via will comfortably take you to a pre-agreed point. The transfer is a great service for travellers who value their time and comfortable conditions of a holiday.

If you ask what Azerbaijan has other countries do not have, the answer will be quite simple: a huge number of temples, oil treatment and the beautiful landscape of the Caspian sea. You can use the Azerbaijan passengers transport services to get from the airport to any city of the country.

The main city and the capital is Baku, you have probably seen it in the movie «The Diamond Arm». In fact, the pictures do not reveal the whole beauty of the capital, so be sure to visit the city, now walking in pace with European megacities. We recommend you to begin to explore the city’s history with the tour in the old city of Baku. Baku harmoniously combines archaic features in the guise of ancient buildings and modern architecture. The charm of the city is in its eastern atmosphere, preserved in the small taverns, shops, and markets where you can buy national souvenirs and taste traditional cuisine.

Not only Baku is worth to visit. The Lankaran service will be perfect for comfortable treatment in the thermal springs and beach recreation. Ganja city, Sumgayit, Naftalan and other cities are also worth to visit, because they preserved ancient constructions, temples and fortresses. In a word, there are many interesting sights and souvenir shops in these cities.

The climate depends on the geographical position: semiarid in the steppes and subtropical in the coastal zone. The summer weather is hot (+27 °C) and fairly cool in winter (+5 °C). The best season to travel to Azerbaijan starts in April and ends in October.

Renting a car with a driver in Azerbaijan will help you to capture as many sights as possible. Travel with!