Transfer to Ganja

When choosing where to spend your vacation, pay attention to sunny Azerbaijan, where the sun shines 365 days a year and the sea air comes from the embankment. Create your own route, be sure to include the capital, Sheki, Gabala and Ganja for visiting.

How to get to Ganja? The local airport is 10 kilometers from the city. You can use public transport. Every day from 07:00 to 21:00 to the center ply buses BakuBus. We recommend booking a transfer to Ganja through the service, in order to quickly and comfortably reach the center. You don’t need to adapt to the schedule of public transport, the driver will meet in the arrivals area and help carry the luggage.

Ganja is an ancient city located in the west of the country. In the XVIII-XIX centuries, it ranked second in importance after Baku. In its eastern part is the mausoleum of Nizami Ganjavi, which was built in honor of the famous poet of the XII century. From here, in 10 minutes on foot you can walk to Old Ganja, an archaeological site with the ruins of an ancient fortress. There are many interesting sights in the city. Take a walk in the Imam-Zadeh, a large temple complex. The buildings are united by a common decor: glossy blue tile on the walls and floor. The secret symbol of Ganja is the Juma mosque with a huge gilded dome. Fountains with lighting are installed around the building, which is included in the evenings.

You can rent a car with a driver in Ganja to get acquainted not only with the city itself, but also its surroundings. For tourists arrange excursions to neighboring villages. There you will be treated to homemade coffee from the old Turks and traditional sweets, gogal or baklava.

What is the movement of locals? Bus is the most popular form of public transport. Daily from 06:30 to 23:00 more than 10 routes connects the center with distant areas. Detailed schedule can be viewed on the official website. There are taxis in Ganja, but drivers often overestimate the price of a trip and it turns out to be expensive. If you need to get to the hotel or the airport, we recommend booking a transfer in advance. Have a nice trip!