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If you think that there is only the headquarters of the European Union and NATO in the capital of Belgium, then rather pack your suitcases to get acquainted with the city. It has a special color and is able to surprise everyone. How to get to Brussels if the flight arrives at night or early morning? Book a transfer at and get ready for European adventures.

Belgium is full of contrasts. On one square can be located ancient buildings and works of street artists. At the intersection of Banna and Dubova stands a famous national symbol is "Manneken Pis" (XVII century). The monument was conceived as an embodiment of the rebellious and cheerful spirit of the Belgians.

The main excursions start from the Market Square. Several centuries ago, there were national festivities and knight tournaments, there were trading rows and handicraft shops. The houses differ from each other in unique carvings and colorful garlands. Here is the Town Hall Hotel de Ville XV century. with a 96-meter tower, above which rises the statue of Archangel Michael.

On the other side of the square stands the King's House, where now there is the Historical Museum with an extensive collection of paintings and sculptures. Galleries St.Yuber length of 212 meters is a favorite place among tourists. On the territory there are theaters and art salons, cafes and restaurants. In the castle of Charles Lorraine several times a month, exhibitions of contemporary art are held. Near the Upper Town, a large Royal Park was pitched, where the monarch's residence was open. You can book a car with a driver in Brussels to make a tour of the city and its surroundings.

The transport system consists of buses, metro, trams and taxis. Opening hours from 06:00 to 00:00, on weekends every 30 minutes, night flights run until 03:00. Only 17 tram lines, 4 metro directions and 50 bus routes. For all kinds of public tickets are provided. In the city there are special tracks and there are rental stations with the possibility of renting for a day or several days.

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