Transfer to Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport is 11 kilometers from the city. The air node accepts domestic and international flights. During his existence, he was often recognized as the best. The whole complex consists of one large terminal, divided into two sectors: A and B. Book a transfer on the site, if you travel a large company.

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  5. 5. The driver will meet at the airport center with a name plate.

The airport was built at the beginning of the XX century. It was a hangar for airships and during the First World War was used to store ammunition, weapons and necessary equipment. After graduation, almost immediately began to carry out civilian flights. Today it is a modern and comfortable airport, which is considered one of the most modernized in Europe. There are information stands, medical centers, conference rooms, mother and child rooms, prayer rooms. There are restaurants, cafes and bars around the clock. Fountains with drinking water are installed in the arrival and waiting area. Free Wi-Fi is available for all passengers.

How to get to Brussels airport? Take advantage of public transport or rent a car with a driver. Buses run to the metro station "Rudebik". The journey takes about an hour. Every 15 minutes, the railway express runs in the main terminal building. The final stop is Brussels Central Station. A taxi stand is located next to the arrival area.

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