Transfer to Guangzhou

Planning a trip and want to be interesting, nice and warm? Look at the map and pay attention to the cities of China.

How to get to Guangzhou? Use public transport or pre-book a transfer through the service The driver will arrive on time, help carry the luggage and quickly take you to the hotel.

The city is the third largest after Beijing and Shanghai. This is the cultural and tourist center of China, founded in 862 BC. From the seaport began the famous Silk Road. Here you have preserved the old districts and didn’t touch the architecture, but at the same time in the new quarters you appear as if in the XXII century. In order to get a visa in Guangzhou, it will take 2 weeks or a little more, so take care of its registration in advance.

There are many interesting sights in the city. Start your acquaintance with the statue of the Five Goats, which is located in the picturesque Yuexiu Park. On its territory there is also a five-story Zhenhai tower, from where a panorama of the center of Guangzhou opens. Every year there is an exhibition-fair of chrysanthemums and tea roses. In spring and summer we recommend to visit the Orchid Park and the Botanical Garden. In the reserve "Haychuan" operates the most ancient monastery of the Ocean banner. You can rent a car with a driver in Guangzhou to visit the ancient temples of the Sons of Piety, the Five Spirits, the Huaisheng Mosque and the Sacred Heart Cathedral in one day.

The quarters of the XVIII-XIX centuries on Shamian Island and its Qingping market with live turtles and scorpions is a favorite place for walking among tourists. If you walk to the embankment, in 15 minutes you will see the temple of Lusjun, built in 537 year. This is the tallest building in Guangzhou.

We recommend buying tickets to the Goundun exhibition complex, where you can see how Guangzhou developed. Visitors admire vintage clothes, interior and household items. There is a separate exposition, where all types of tea are presented and it tells about tea culture.

Metro and bus are the most popular forms of public transport in Guangzhou. The metro has 8 lines that connect the center with the railway station, airport, distant blocks and suburbs. Opening hours from 07:00 to 23:00. Buses run throughout the city from 06:00 to 23:00. There are special night flights that run until 03:00.

Locals and tourists actively use the services of a taxi. It should be borne in mind that most drivers don’t speak English. In the center of Guangzhou, it is forbidden to ride a bicycle, for which no special lanes are allocated. You can go cycling in parks or in areas along the river.

Book a transfer to Guangzhou through the service Instead of spending time waiting or searching for the right stop, move around the city in comfortable conditions.