Transfer in China

Car rental with a driver in China will allow you to see lots of sights of the ancient country without any fuss and hurry. You can find cars as an economy as a premium class and also a limousine on Choose the most favourable offers from carriers and travel with comfort!

China is a successor of the great civilisation with century-old culture and traditions with its megapolises neighbouring with small villages and resorts. It is highly recommended to visit China in early autumn or late spring to have a rest and enjoy the country in comfortable conditions.

You can see the Terracotta Army, the sculpture of warriors, in Beijing and the postmortem monument, the mausoleum of the ruler, in Xi'an. The symbol of the country is the Great Wall of China which is 2200 years old and was built in the age of the Qin dynasty. The site originally served in means of defence from the nomadic tribes and managed perfectly due to its 6,5 thousand metres length. Popular place in the capital is the Forbidden City also known as Gùgōng Palace. It is a big complex of 700 km2 consisting of 9999,5 rooms according to the legend. In Xi'an, you can see the mausoleum of the first ruler, the postmortem monument of Qin Shi Huang and the Terracotta Army.

It is worth to visit Hong Kong, the modern city with the picturesque harbour Victoria where you can take a cruise on the wherry. Green Guangzhou and colourful Shanghai will please you with multiple shops and souvenir points, massage centres and other eastern attributes.

Chinese people honour the history of the country and their ancestors. In the national Chinese museum in Beijing, there are unique exhibits of different ages and reigning dynasties. People go to China for skiing and having a rest on the beach resort. For example, the islands Hainan are ecologically harmless as there are no industrial assets. The Changbai Mountains are famous for its extreme tracks. provides the passengers’ transportation services. Book a transfer on the website and enjoy your holiday in China.