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Rent a car with a driver in China through the online service - a great opportunity to see the country without unnecessary haste and bustle. In advance ordering a bus, you can go on an excursion or to another city by a large group. In the car park you will also find cars of economy, comfort and premium, as well as a limousine. Transfer in China is a must if you are traveling a large company and do not want to be separated.

China is the oldest country-heiress of a great civilization with centuries-old culture and traditions, where modern megacities adjoin small villages and resorts that are in great demand among tourists from all over the world.

In the south-east of the country the climate is subtropical, and in the northwest - temperate sharply-continental. Therefore, it is recommended to travel to China either in the early autumn or late spring, in order to spend a comfortable holiday acquainting with the country.

Emperor Qin Shihuandi left behind him three attractions: the famous Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army, which is a sculpture of soldiers, in Beijing and the posthumous monument - the mausoleum of the ruler in Xi'an. China is symbolized as it is with the Great Wall of China, which has been standing for 2200 years. The sights initially served as a means of protection against nomadic tribes and, thanks to its length of 6,500 meters, perfectly performed this function. Another popular place in the capital for visiting is the Forbidden City or, as it is also called, the Palace of the Guugun. This is a large complex of more than 700 square meters. m., According to legend, consisting of 9999.5 thousand rooms. To visit everything, alas, it will not be possible, but to listen to the history of the palace with the guide will be possible. In addition to the timeless samples of Chinese art, modern Hong Kong - local New York - with the picturesque Victoria harbor should be visited, where you can take a ferry ride. Blooming Guangzhou and picturesque Shanghai will delight with numerous shops, massage centers and other oriental attributes.

The Chinese are very honored by history and their ancestors. You can touch the "holy of holies" in numerous museums located in each city. The National Chinese Museum in Beijing holds unique exhibits from various eras and ruling dynasties.

In addition to tours, the reason for traveling to China is the famous ski and beach resorts. For example, the islands of Hainan are recognized as the cleanest area, as there is no industry, and in Changbai is known for the most extreme routes.

In China, you can taste real types of tea: Puer, yellow, white, oolong. An excellent solution is to buy a real drink as a souvenir from the eastern country. If we talk about serving dishes, in the eastern tradition, eating takes place in the reverse order. After the tea ceremony, snacks are served, second courses, and soups on the last place. In any restaurant, the dishes will be served in that order. Chinese gastronomy is divided into Peking, Shanghai, Cotton and Sichuan. Going to a certain region, be sure to try new dishes to add to the habitual flavor bouquet of new sensations. Service provides services for the transportation of passengers. Book a transfer in China on the site and enjoy your vacation.