Transfer to Sanya on Hainan Island

The resort city of Sanya is located on Hainan Island. This is the perfect place for a beach holiday. The tropical climate allows you to swim in the South China Sea all year round. By the way, a Hainan visa is issued at the airport upon arrival.

How to get to Sanya? Use the public transport that runs to the center with several transfers. If you don’t want to wait and spend time, book a transfer in advance. The driver will quickly take you to the hotel, and after 45 minutes you can swim in the sea.

The main attractions in Hainan are national reserves and museums. Visit the park "The Edge of the World": on a sandy beach there are chaotically huge boulders of bizarre forms. Each stone has its own name. For example, "Labyrinth for lovers", "Wheel of Happiness" or "Call of Freedom".

The park with the unusual name "Deer turned its head" is located on the top of the mountain of the same name. Next to it stands a 12-meter statue of a girl who strokes a deer. Here, tourists make wishes and knit a red satin ribbon on the “Dream Tree”. From the observation deck offers stunning views of the city. For those who like extreme fun, there is an opportunity to ride on a toboggan, useless sleigh.

We recommend to buy a ticket to the Museum of Pearls. There you will see the rare specimens that were in the collection of Chinese emperors. After the excursion in the museum, you will visit a pearl plantation where the guide will tell you how to grow pearls.

The island has buses, taxis and rickshaws. Center with distant areas connect flights №1, №2, №4 and №11. Opening hours: daily from 08:00 to 22:00. Taxi is considered the fastest way to travel. Only drivers don’t speak English. Pedicabs are an exotic form of transportation for travelers. The design is a tricycle with a roof. The speed depends on the driver’s physical strength.

Booking transfer to Hainan through the service is a great alternative to local transport. Driving on the road is often chaotic, the rules are almost not followed because of traffic jams or emergency situations. Driving a car with a driver in Hainan will be comfortable and fast for you.

Travel with pleasure!