Transfer in Shanghai

Are you going to visit China? We recommend starting your trip in Shanghai. Book a transfer to the Shanghai center to get from Shanghai airport or another city. So you do not need to feel uncomfortable in a bus full of tourists. Also you will quickly get to the hotel.

The city is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River. It is considered the economic center of the country. The Huangpu River divides the city into 2 parts, most of the districts are in the Western part. Nevertheless, the city has many historical and cultural attractions. Of particular interest is the people's square in the heart of Shanghai. There are the City Theater and Museum, as well as political organizations.

Shanghai has some of the tallest skyscrapers. The Pearl of China TV-tower reaches 470 meters, and the Shanghai tower is 632 meters. Visit the high-rise area to experience the scale and power of these structures and climb the viewing platforms.

What else is interesting in the city? Street artists and traders gather on the Bund, as in the Old Arbat in Moscow. The place is colorful; it is «must-visit». If you want to buy souvenirs and things, then you on the famous shopping street Nanjing.

The night of Shanghai is beautiful not less than the day: best views from the embankments. Later in the day, you can also go to the bar or sit in the restaurant.

How to get to Shanghai? The route and type of transport depends on the place where you are. In China, well-developed air, road and rail transport. You decide how to choose a method. By the way, a visa in Shanghai is needed in any case, except for a transit flight to a third country.

The most popular way to get around Shanghai is a subway station which is built at the speed of light. All 15 lines connect with each other, one even leads to Pudong airport. There are more than 1000 bus lines, but if you do not want to get lost in an unfamiliar city and feel the language barrier, rent a car with a driver. All communication and payment are through the service or mobile application. Write down your route to the driver and travel comfortably. The cheapest form of transportation is the ferry. For 3 yuan you can swim from Pudong to the Bund. We should also consider tourist ferries: the cost of a trip on them is equal to the price of a full tour.

Shanghai is modern and a city, as evidenced by well-known facts for local people. The first car appeared here and the first short film was shot. Many people come here to stay alive. Despite the number of transport units and production, the environment in Shanghai is better than in other million cities.