Transfer in Egypt

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Egypt is a country full of the mysteries of the ancient civilization, pyramids and pharaohs, perfect resorts and reefs of the Red Sea. Egypt was the first country that became an affordable resort for tourists. Paradise beaches, the warm sea, “all inclusive” hotels - that is what travellers all over the world come for. If you are going to travel in a big group, we recommend you to hire the passengers transport services in Egypt.

This country is divided into 6 parts: the Upper, Lower, Middle Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula, the Red Sea coast and The Western Desert of Egypt. Each part of the country is attractive to tourists due to its sights, history and resorts. Coasts of the Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula are filled with hotels and beaches.

The majority of tourists go there to see Giza with the mysterious pyramids and Sphinx for themselves, to visit Luxor and its great amount of ancient monuments, the Pharos of Alexandria and treasures of Tutankhamun’s tomb. If you rent a car with a driver on you can visit all the cultural places in 1 day and travel around according to your trip plan.

Cairo can catch your interest with its incredible architecture (there are many beautiful mosques in the city) and the biggest bazaar in Africa. The Khan el-Khalili souk was found in the XIV century: here you can buy souvenirs, drink a cup of tea and grab local food to eat.

Egypt is considered to be the center of cultural and excursional tourism in Africa. Apart from guided tours of the cultural sights tourists go to the coast of the Red Sea: El Gouna, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and many other resorts. Beaches in Sharm El Sheikh are sandy, equipped with chaise longues and sunshades. Some hotels have their own territory by the seaside. Along the coastline there are coral reefs with the length of 15 metres, that’s why snorkelling is about as popular as guided tours to the pyramids here. Diving and surfing are also in high demand in all resorts.

Tourists go to Egypt throughout the year due to the tropical climate which is favourable for travelling to this country at any season. However, from December to February it can be cold in the evening - be sure to bring warm clothes with you. Winter temperature is about +23 °C and in summer +37 °C.

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