Transfer to Dahab

If you want to relax on a poorly populated beach, enjoy the wildlife and explore the underwater world, we recommend buying tickets to Dahab.

How to get to Dahab? The city doesn’t have its own air hub, so tourists arrive at Sharm el Sheikh International Airport Ras Nazran. The distance between them is 90 kilometers. Daily buses and shuttles run to Dahab. Travel time takes more than 2 hours. If you want to quickly get to the hotel, book in advance transfer to Dahab through the service

The resort is located on the coast of the Bay of the Red Sea and is divided into two parts. In the Old Town, the historical zone, is a Bedouin village and attractions. In the center you can rent a cheap hotel or hostel, dine in a cafe where local people like to visit and try national dishes. In the tourist area of ​​Madinat there are many modern hotels, shopping and entertainment centers and restaurants.

The swimming season lasts the whole year: there is almost no rain and always a warm sea. Due to the fact that the strong wind often blows in Dahab, windsurfing, water skiing or rafting are very popular. The beaches are sandy, less often is stone. Nature on the territory of the resort is considered more wild and original than in the neighboring "civilized" surroundings. You can come here and stay in a summer camp with tents. The best place to rest is the Laguna area. There are umbrellas on the beach area, there are sun loungers, showers and pontoons bridges for safe entry into the water. Diving is advised to engage in Lighthouse, where the transition from the shoal to the depth is quite abrupt and there are coral reefs and their marine inhabitants.

Dahab has many interesting sights is national parks. Travelers are organized excursions to the Bedouin village or yoga retreats on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. Hire a car with a driver in Dahab to get to the park Gabr-Il-Bent, where you can ride camels, horses and donkeys. Go to the desert with a tourist caravan or a trip on a yacht on the Red Sea. In the park "Ras Abu-Galum" try your hand and become a member of a diving safari. Diving begins near the Sinai mountains to unique reefs and corals.

There is no public transport in Dahab. Tourists use the services of a rented car or book a transfer in advance for getting around the city. We recommend using the service, which operates in 150 countries of the world.

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