Transfer to Turku

What associations arise when they talk about Finland? Noisy fairs, thousands of lakes and winter in Lapland. The country surprises not only this, but ancient medieval landscapes, cozy green parks and tranquility of villages. One such example is Turku. The fifth-largest city is rarely found in the guidebook. Here you can see how local people live, and imbued with the atmosphere of modern Finland. When planning a holiday, don’t forget to book a transfer to Turku in advance through the service, so that nothing distracts from getting new emotions in the northern country.

The port city was founded in the XIII century on the shore of a small river Aura. For a long time it was important for the country, with access to the Archipelago Sea. Until Finland became part of the Russian Empire, Turku was considered an economic and spiritual center. In 2011 received the status of the cultural capital of Europe.

The shopping area is the oldest place in Turku. Once here were held knight tournaments and fights and now lead excursions. On the territory stands the Cathedral of the XIII century. In the XIX century. The fire almost destroyed it. Until now, only the chapel has survived, the rest of the building has been reconstructed. Now the Lutheran church is considered the main religious structure of Finland.

The castle of Abo, built to protect the Finnish port, is popular. Then he became a palace and afterwards is a prison. So it became the largest architectural monument of the whole of Scandinavia.

Finland is home to the famous writer Tove Jansson, who created the story of Moomin-Troll. On the island of Kailo built a real house-museum and a summer theater. Now everyone can get acquainted with mumi-mom and mumi-papa, Snorkom and Snusmukrik. Before this wonderful place of tourists takes a special transport or bus number 11 or 110.

The cultural capital is a miniature city, it is easy to get around on foot. Transport is represented by regular buses. They travel around the clock. In the tourist centers, bicycle rental is popular from June to October.

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