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You do not need to spend time searching for taxis and buses to get from the airport in Finland. Book your transfer and travel in comfort. The driver will meet you in the arrivals area with a sign, take you to the hotel and tell some interesting stories about local attractions. Transfer to Finland is an indispensable tool for those who come to the country for the first time. Enjoy your holiday with no worries with

Finland – country of thousands of lakes, one of the cleanest corners of the planet with a fairly high standard of living. Situated between Sweden, Norway and Russia its location allow tourists to visit the neighboring country almost every weekend. So, residents of St.-Petersburg and nearby areas can go a couple of days in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Lahti, Oulu or other tourist town. However, despite the close distance, the visa in Finnish land is a must. To get here from neighboring countries (Russia, Sweden and Norway), you can use the services of transportation of passengers from

There are a lot reasons to visit Finland. The country is famous for the Northern lights, mirrored lakes, Finnish sauna, mountain resorts and real Santa Claus. It is worth to visit great cities of the North country in any season: in summer you can enjoy the warm sunshine, surrounded by green nature, and in winter skiing tracks and to celebrate the new year at the Arctic circle.

Helsinki is the capital of the country of a thousand lakes, resembled a European city with a medieval romance in monuments of culture: fortress of Suomenlinna, Temppeliaukio Church and many museums.

In the Kuopio and Tampere there is vacation for travelers who like to spend time outdoors. For example, two hundred lakes surrounds Tampere. To see as many attractions and natural beauty will rent a car with a driver in Finland. On our service is possible hourly and daily car rental with a personal driver.

Lapland is located far from the big and noisy cities. This city is the residence of Santa Claus with endless celebration, like in the movie, "the Grinch who stole Christmas." It seems everything is the only living main holiday any year in Lapland. Even the most stubborn of people believe in a fabulous new year's wizard after a visit to Santa Park.

In the Northern part of the country for almost the entire period from September to May you can observe the Northern lights and Aurora Borealis, but in Helsinki and other cities of unearthly beauty seen only 20 days a year. The Northern lights means «Fox fires» on Finnish. According to the Saami legend, the Arctic Fox runs on the hills of Lapland and spray snow sparkles in the sky.

Summertime can please the white nights, during which you can without a doubt go camping overnight on nature, to observe the flora and fauna of Finland or to go to the Finnish sauna followed by a visit to the lakes.

The fishing season in lakes opens in Autumn. This is the perfect time to take a good catch of trout and salmon. So main traditional dishes have essential ingredient, of course, fish. It is stewed, fried, salted, baked and served in many ways. National launch are graviola, which has no analogues anywhere. Finnish desserts are renowned for their usefulness and low in calories. It's pies with berries, curd sweets, jelly, cold cereal, and whipped cream.

Finnish cuisine is known not only for its unique taste, but also mellifluous soft and "delicious".