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The capital of Finland is located on the shore of the bay in the southern part of the country. The proximity, quick visa and numerous national reserves all attract tourists from all over the world every year. Book your transfer to Helsinki, if you plan a weekend there, through the service

The city was founded in the XVI century, and three centuries later the Russian tsars rebuilt it after the model of St. Petersburg. Therefore, the architecture of the northern capitals resonates with each other. It is quiet, quiet and cozy. Local people spend their free time in green parks, playing tennis or picnicking.

On the central avenue of Mannerheim the National Museum is opened, where you can get acquainted with the history, folklore and life of Finland from ancient times to our days. Nearby is the parliament building, where you can also go on an excursion, and the gallery of contemporary art "Kiasma." Often there are screenings of works by young artists or events with foreign artists.

Senate Square has become an unspoken symbol of Helsinki after the innovations of Alexander I. It is often arranged for holidays, student meetings or open-air concerts. On its territory the University Library is built. With a rare book collection, including with the Slavic literature, anyone can read or work. It is enough to register in the database and get a library card.

The Lutheran Cathedral of Tuomio Kirkko is of the greatest importance. The statues of the saints decorate it around the perimeter, copying a little Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg. From the observation deck, a stunning panorama of the Gulf of Finland coast opens up. Above the harbor stands the Assumption Cathedral with a magnificent décor. It is believed that this is the main Orthodox church in northern Europe. The tall tower-bell tower of Callio is visible from all open spaces. No more jewelry, everything is done in a laconic style.

Noteworthy area of ​​Töölö is a favorite place for the creative intelligentsia. Exhibitions, solo performances, discussions in parks isn’t uncommon for residents of the quarter. It is also famous for a monument in honor of Sibelius, a Finnish composer. Massive construction of an unusual shape weighs 24 tons.

Public transport in Helsinki is represented by buses, metro, trams, electric trains and ferries. It is convenient that the ticket for all kinds of one. The subway operates from 5.30 in the morning until 23.30 in the evening, 2 branches with 17 stations. If you want to arrange an impromptu tour in the city center, take the tram number 3, 4 and 6. They pass through historical places. Buses run both during the day and at night; depart from the station square. To combine business with pleasure, see the city in its rhythm, will help bike tour. The total length of the special tracks is 750 km.

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