Transfer from Vantaa Airport

The airport is located in the city of Vantaa, 18 kilometers north of Helsinki. It is the largest in the whole of Finland, carrying out annually more than 19 million passengers. There are 350 flights a day. There are always two terminals built. They are conventionally divided into international and internal, although there is no clear distinction. Are located close to each other and connected by a tunnel. On the territory of the shuttle bus shuttles. Book your transfer to Vantaa Airport via, which allows you not to waste time waiting for public transport or taxi.

Why choose a transfer to
  1. At the airport you will be greeted by a driver with a sign and will help bring your luggage to the car.
  2. The lowest prices.
  3. Every year the machines undergo a special technical inspection. In the fleet transport is not older than 3 years.
  4. You don't waste time waiting for a bus or ordering a local taxi. At, the driver arrives in advance of the specified time of your arrival.
  5. operates around the world, thanks to which you can book a transfer in advance.

According to the opinion of the major airlines and passengers themselves, Vantaa is considered the best airport not only in Finland, but also throughout Northern Europe. He cooperates with 50 local air transport companies, organizes flights to Asia, North America and the Middle East. Also able to handle very short transit of passengers. Docking takes up to 35 minutes, which is considered the shortest in the world.

How to get from Vantaa Airport to Helsinki? You can use the railway and commuter trains, which travel every 10 minutes. From here it is convenient to reach Tampere, Lahti and St. Petersburg. The last train leaves at 01:00, on the weekends at 01:30.

The buses of the firm HSL in the direction of Vantaa-Helsinki are open around the clock, every 30 minutes. Also there are routes №N562 and 615 to the center. In addition, from the bus station, transport is sent to all parts of Finland.

 It is planned to build a new railway line connecting the airport with suburban trains from Helsinki to Kerava. The length of the tunnel will be 30 kilometers.

Private passenger transportation is a common and worldwide practice. Book your transfer at so you don't waste your vacation.