Transfer from Toulon-Hyères airport

Toulon-Hyer Airport is located 19 kilometers from Toulon. Every year, more than a million tourists from other regions and countries come to the city. Book your transfer to Toulon-Hyeres Airport on, if you plan to visit the main cities of the Provencal region.

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In the middle of the XX century, the air port was the base for the French Air Force. Several military aircraft and helicopters are still in the eastern hangar. In the early 2000s the airport was repaired, and now there is a medical center, a recreation area and a conference room. From 08.00 to 23.00 there are souvenir shops and cafes.

How can I get to the city center from Toulon-Hyeres Airport? By public transport or taxi. Also recommend to rent a car with a driver. Daily flights from 08.30 till 19.00 flights LineAirFrance, taxi stand is located in front of the arrival terminal.

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