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Munich is in the top ten visited cities in the world. It attracts numerous monuments of art and culture, festivals and unique architecture of medieval Europe. During the famous Oktoberfest holiday 6 million guests come here. Therefore if you are going to fly in October, it is necessary to take care of the transfer from the airport in Munich and rent a car on the service

The capital of Bavaria is known not only thanks to the ancient festival and beer bars, which number more than 400 years. Founded in the VIII century, the city is included in the UNESCO heritage list. Located along the Isar River, in the foothills of the Alps, Munich is fascinated by the number of attractions that are of a scale not inferior to other oldest cities in Europe.

The center of the old town is the famous Marienplatz square. Fairs, theater performances and state decrees were held here. Nearby is the Old Town Hall and the New Neo-Gothic Town Hall. On the left is the symbol of Munich is the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin of the XV century. And in the Cathedral of St. Michael rest the remains of Ludwig II, king of Bavaria of the Wittelsbach dynasty. From the observation platform of the cathedral you can see an amazing view of the city. The church of Peterskirche is unusual. The dome is made in the form of a lantern.

The castle Residents is of special interest for travelers. It is adjoined by the National Opera and the National Theater of Bavaria. This historic complex is the pride of Germany. Palaces also are popular with tourists. These are Blutenburg, Neuschwanstein and Nymphenburg.

Munich is a green city, there are many parks and broken gardens. Popular among the local are the Royal Hofgarten and English. Here they play with children on the playgrounds and arrange picnics.

Munich is a big city, and it's hardly possible to get around it on foot. A lot of buses, trams, electric trains and metro of two kinds run through the city, underground and above ground. Especially for tourists a "museum line" of buses No. 1000 has been created. Every 10 minutes the transport goes on the route "Vostochny station - Central railway station", passing the main sights. It's also easy to find bicycles for rent. The items are on the main street near the main station, at Arnulfstrasse, 2.

Transfer to Munich is actual during summer holidays: during this period the city is visited by a large number of tourists. In order not to worry about how to get to Munich from the airport, you can rent a car through the service and don’t delay acquaintance with the city.