Get Transfer in Germany

Germany is located in the very heart of Europe. This country is popular among tourists for its medieval castles, ski trails in the Alps and delicious German cuisine. There are more than one thousand festivals and events which the Germans celebrate on a grand scale. One of the largest events is two-week long Oktoberfest in Munich in which every region takes part in Germany. Book a transfer in Germany to get the destination from any airport.

The territory of Germany is divided into 16 states united into 5 regions with big city-centres: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Baden-Württemberg and Düsseldorf. There is a certain location of the country sights and touristic areas. Take a selfie with the Brandenburg Gate and visit the Bode Museum and the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Walk in the Munich parks and gardens, and enjoy your bicycle trip in “Schwarzwald”. This “green” area with the waterfalls and hiking is considered to be fabulous and mysterious among tourists. Families with their children will be excited by the world largest Zoologischer Garten, interactive museums, the planetarium of Carl Zeiss and amusement parks in the capital. Use the passengers’ transportation services in Germany with to travel between historical cities with comfort!

You can go to Germany in any season. It is comfy to see the country sights in summer at +22–24 °С. You can go to the mountain-ski resorts in Oberstdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen or Berchtesgaden in winter at –20 °С. The most unpredictable weather is on the coasts washed by the Baltic sea.

Germany is famous for its high-quality roads and picturesque landscapes. Car rental with a driver is appropriate for people who would like to enjoy the countryside life. Make your trip plan and we will take care of your car!