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Germany has become a cultural and tourist center, where annually more than thousand of festivals and gave the world outstanding artists, discovered new recipes and barley beverage. Transfer in Germany is perfect for rounds and for those who travel here for the first time.

The territory of Germany is divided into 5 regions, with large cities-centers of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Baden-württemberg, Düsseldorf. Take advantage of services for the carriage of passengers in Germany from to comfortably move around the country. The main attractions and tourist areas are located in these cities. The architecture of the cities contrast due to the combination of two styles: dark Gothic and monumental of the Renaissance. You’d better to take a picture near the Brandenburg gate and to visit museums "Bode" and "Pergamon" in Berlin. It may seems interesting for you to explore the numerous parks and gardens of Munich and enjoy a country ride in the Bavarian forest or on the river Rhine. If you are traveling with children, the mandatory places to visit are the world's largest zoo, interactive museums, a Planetarium, and amusement parks.

You can go to Germany at any time of the year. Temperate-continental climate allows visiting the memorial sites and in summer at +22-24°C and in winter at -20°C to go to the ski resorts of Oberstdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Berchtesgaden. The most unpredictable weather is on the coasts washed by the Baltic sea.

Tourists are attracted not only beautiful nature, but also annual festivals and holidays, which Germans celebrate loud and ambitious. For example, the Oktoberfest lasts as much as 2 weeks in all regions of Germany. Book a transfer to Germany in time to catch the beginning of the traditional festival celebration.

It isn’t a secret that the main dishes of the Germans for centuries had sausages, potatoes and sauerkraut. Every Aryan welcome all kinds of variations in the preparation of meat and potatoes. By the way, hot dogs were invented in Germany. To get experience the centuries-old culinary tradition of Germany you need to go to the pub, order a foamy mug of Bavarian and serving of juicy sausages on the grill.

Germany is famous for its good roads and beautiful scenery. Rent a car with driver in Germany is suitable for those who want to enjoy the countryside of the country. Travel in comfort!