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Berlin is worth it to visit. A rich history, numerous festivals, art spaces. The sense of freedom pursues in the capital of Germany. Here, the cleanliness of parks and lawns is monitored. When planning your vacation, book a transfer in Berlin via Thus, you can see as many interesting places and attractions as possible.

The city of contrasts, where the most important is cosmopolitanism and respect for each other. The streets "belong" to creative people, artists and singers. People aren’t afraid to express themselves and are engaged in self-expression: paint the walls, sing near the subway, play plays on the pavement. Renting a car with a driver in Berlin, save your time in this amazing metropolis, getting new emotions.

Berlin embodies a history dating back to the XIII century. Monuments stand everywhere and remind of important stages of the development of the center of the country. The Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of the reunification of the city, divided during the Cold War. Since 1963 the center is decorated with the National Philharmonic, a building of gold color in the form of a circus tent.

Sightseeing tours start from the place where the Berlin Wall used to stand, then go to the local zoo, the largest in the world. Then tourists go up to the Reichstag and visit the Museum Island, where the bust of Queen Nefertiti is stored and the altar, according to the legends belonged to Zeus.

The main is the Cathedral, built in 1905 for the Hohenzollern dynasty. On the site of the oldest church of St. Nicholas XIII century. The Historical Museum was opened. Unique monuments of the XIX century. is the church named after Wilhelm Kaiser and the cafe "On the Boulevard Kurfürstendamm". Among travelers and local residents, such an observation deck as the Alexanderplatz TV tower is popular.

In Berlin, annually open galleries of contemporary art or photography. A real mecca of painting was the New National Studio and the Cultureforum. The Technical Museum presents a collection of rare cars of the XVIII-XIX centuries.

Public transport is represented by buses, trams, ferries, ground and underground metro. A single ticket operates for all types. On weekends, several lines are open around the clock, and at night there are special cars with the letter N in front of the number. The maximum waiting time for transport is 10-15 minutes. The road network reaches 200 km. The main tourist route is buses number 100 and 200. They pass through the Zoological Garden, Marienplatz and the Reichstag. In the city there is a rental of bicycles, for which special tracks are installed. Therefore, most tourists do not have a question: "How to get to the center of Berlin?"

The peculiarity and fuzzy boundaries in the culture distinguish this city from many in Europe. They come back here to feel a special atmosphere again. Despite the fact that here they are striving for change and development, residents and tourists respect their heritage and historical lessons with respect. Before you leave, make sure that you book a transfer from the Berlin airport to Thus, the journey is secured for success.