Transfer to Tegel airport

Tegel is the largest airport in Germany, located 11 kilometers from Berlin. It serves more than 20 million passengers a year. Second place in terms of occupancy is Schönefeld. The air harbor consists of five terminals: A, B, C, D and E. The first three are for international and domestic flights, the fourth is for night, the fifth is its lower level. Book a transfer from Tegel airport to, so you don’t overpay for a taxi ride.

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The full name of the airport is Tegel named after Otto Lilienthal, a well-known German engineer, test pilot and pioneer of aviation. The air hub has been operating since 1930, the first passenger transportation was in 1960. After German unification in the late XX century, Tegel retained its leading position and became the country's main airport. It is the base for two national airlines, Air Berlin and Lufthansa.

How to get from Tegel airport to Berlin, if it wasn’t possible to pre-order the transfer on the site A popular and affordable option are buses. For example, flights 109 and 128 will take you to the Zoological Garden, and TXL JetExpressBus from 06:00 to 22:30 will take you to the city center within 20 minutes. The taxi service is around the clock, their parking is located next to terminals A, C and E. Inside each machine there are counters. The railway express and the metro line aren’t connected to the airport, so renting a car with a driver is the most comfortable mode of transportation.

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