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The capital of Scotland is amazing with its picturesque nature and majestic architecture. It is the second most populous city after Glasgow. You can book a car with a driver in Edinburgh on the site, if you want to see the whole country in the shortest time. The trip will take place in comfortable conditions.

It is located in the hills and occupies a small area. It is divided into Old and New city. The architecture of the Middle Ages harmoniously adjoins the buildings in the neoclassical style. Holyrood Park is a favorite place for walks and picnics, from the top of the "Arthur's Throne" mountain, you can enjoy stunning views of the surroundings. On the hill of Kalton, several monuments dedicated to the rich national history were erected.

Edinburgh is an ancient city, so in a small area there are many attractions. Palace Holyroodhouse on the Royal Mile, the famous street of Scotland. The building in the baroque style is the official residence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. State receptions and historical exhibitions are held here. The symbol of the country is the Edinburgh Castle. In its walls there is a sacred relic of Great Britain is the Stone of Destiny, on which for many centuries monarchs were crowned.

It is worth a visit and the Scottish National Museum of Modern Art, which houses a rich collection of paintings by such famous artists as Picasso, Warhol, Bacon and Mondrian. The Whiskey Heritage Center was opened in Edinburgh. It is here that the largest collection of bottles is collected: about 3.5 thousand. For tourists, excursions are organized, and then they are offered to taste several types of this strong drink. The Roslinsky Chapel or the XV century Roslyn Chapel is the decoration of the city. Over its creation, builders worked for 40 years, and then the same time it took to complete the decorative finish. The carved marble carving and the painting of the walls leave no one indifferent.

How to get to Edinburgh? There are several options. Take bus number 100, which runs to the center. There is a bus station on the territory of the airport, every 10-15 minutes there are flights # 22, # 35 and # 747, night routes also operate. The journey takes about an hour. The airport and the environs of Edinburgh connect Waverley railway station, which starts operating from 04:45 to 00:30 on weekdays, and on weekends from 07:00 to 00:30. The city has a taxi with fixed counters, so the prices for trips are fixed. If there is a desire to explore the terrain on a bicycle, you can rent it at local agencies.

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