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Foggy Albion meets its guests with rainy weather and famous fogs, so that the first impression of the country remains positive, book a transfer in advance from the airport to the hotel in the UK. Service will pick up for you the most favorable offers from local translators, help with the selection of the desired class of the car. The driver, in turn, will meet you with a sign at the airport and comfortably deliver to the hotel or any other destination specified in the application form. Plan your vacation with!

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the largest state in Europe, where the monarch and now Queen Elizabeth II is in power. Great Britain is associated with the average person with the rains and fogs of London, Shakespeare, foxhunting, pedantic mentality and "tea time". In Britain, everything is interesting: from art and attractions, and ending with the ordinary life of the British.

The capital is London, known to everyone from school times on "London is the capital of Great Britain". Big Ben, the Tower of London, the Madame Tussauds and the house of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. By the way, to be photographed with the royal guardsman is one of the most popular entertainment of tourists from all over the world. Looking at London for a couple of days on a double-decker bus will not be difficult, but it will be much more comfortable to use such a service as renting a car with a driver in the UK

Which cities in Britain are still worth visiting? Certainly this is Liverpool, where the four of the Beatles began to play rock'n'roll, Nottingham with its story of the good robber Robin Hood and the campuses of Oxford and Cambridge. Prestigious education in the universities of the same name is a kind of visiting card of an already privileged country.

The UK consists of 4 states: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each part of the united state has its own history, traditions and interesting places for the traveler. Scottish Edinburgh is famous for its canonical architecture, and Welsh Cardiff castles and fortresses in Gothic and Neo-Gothic styles. Northern Ireland will enjoy the tourist with its idyllic villages, dances under national music and selected beers. In the capital Belfast, many museums have been concentrated, the guides of which enthusiastically tell you entertaining stories. If you don't want to study the country using public transport, use the services for the transportation of passengers in the UK.

Climatic conditions do not always appeal to tourists. The temperate climate of England creates favorable weather: the average temperature in January is + 4 ° C, and in the summer it varies from +10 ° C to + 25 ° C. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the weather is similar, but warmest in regions that are closed from the winds of the Atlantic.

Punctual Englishmen are timely in everything. What is only traditional tea at 5 pm. No self-respecting native will miss this important ritual. The famous "Oatmeal, sir" is prepared not just with milk and sugar. The Englishmen add there also yolks, nuts, zest and cinnamon. It turns out not just the usual porridge, but a real dessert. You can try this English breakfast in the morning in any institution. Another label dish is an eel pie. There is an island of Eel Pie on the River Thames, where they serve this batch in various variations. A real gourmet paradise!

In the UK, everything is there, so the staid Englishmen are so proud of their country. Patriotism here, as they say, "in fashion" (God Save the Queen!). Book a transfer in the UK to make your trip comfortable and you have the warmest memories of London.