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Manchester is the third largest city in the UK after London and Edinburgh. He is known for his industrial activities. Now in the territory of the former manufacturers and factories, there are bars, designer clothes shops and galleries of contemporary art. The industrial capital is an ideal place for those who like active nightlife. Under the ancient bridges are numerous clubs. When planning your vacation, book a transfer to Manchester on

In the Middle Ages it was a trade and artisan city. After the industrial revolution in the XVIII century. He received a new direction for development and became the factory center of the entire county. Now Manchester is a large financial, transport and cultural district of Lancashire.

Admire the panorama of the city and its surroundings on the Manchester Ferris Wheel in the modern quarter of Millennium. In the historical part of the Cathedral is located with the widest facade in the whole of England, the State University, which opened the basic laws of radio astronomy, as well as the John Rylands library. It contains a rare fragment of the manuscripts of the Gospel of John II century AD. Church of St. Mary's Albert Square of the XVIII century. is considered the oldest in the country. Laconic outside and richly decorated from the inside, it attracts tourists from all over the world. The favorite place for walking is the Parsonage Gardens. It offers a wonderful view of the River Irvell and the Trinity Bridge.

Manchester has many interesting cultural attractions that can surprise everyone. The Museum of Natural Sciences holds the remains of dinosaurs, in the Archaeological is the ruins of an ancient Roman settlement, and in a small building of the Spanish-Portuguese synagogue you will be told about the history of the Jewish diaspora in England. A rich collection of women's dresses and ornaments of the XIV-XX centuries. Gallery has a national costume.

If your plane lands at one of the airports in London, how do you get to Manchester? The fastest way is to fly, in time it takes only 60 minutes. From the station Euston every 50 minutes, the railway trains run. The journey lasts 1.5-2 hours. Buses of the company "National Express" daily make day and night flights from the central station of the city.

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