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Foggy Albion is famous for its centuries-old culture, traditions and ancient sights. Every year more than 21 million tourists visit the capital of England. In the city is the famous Baker Street, where, according to the concept of Arthur Conan Doyle, lived an amazing detective Sherlock Holmes. Opposite the Green Park is Buckingham Palace, the residence of Queen Elizabeth II. At the end of the XIX century the Tower Bridge was built is an unspoken symbol of Great Britain. Book a car with a driver in London on the site, so asn’t to get lost among the narrow streets and cozy squares.

The city was built on the river Thames, which flows into the North Sea, in 43 BC. But he became the capital of England only in 1707. In the center stands the parliament building or the Westminster Palace with the same abbey, where the coronations of the monarchs take place. Near it is the Big Ben clock tower is a symbol of the United Kingdom. During the reign of the royal Tudor dynasty, London became the main economic, commercial and cultural center of Europe. In the XIX and XX centuries there was an industrial and demographic rise. The population exceeded one million people, and in the 1830s the first railway was built, and later the oldest metro in the world.

Start London's exploration of the City, the business and administrative center, then take a stroll around Trafalgar Square and don’t forget to change the guard at Buckingham Palace. At the end of a busy day, have a picnic in Hyde Park, the favorite place of the English. Here is the Oratory corner, where everyone can freely speak.

In the capital of Great Britain, there are many interesting museums that work for free. Be sure to visit the National Gallery, which stores more than two thousand pieces of art: painting, sculpture, architecture from the XII to XX century. Popular among local and tourists is the Sherlock Holmes Museum, inside which all items of furniture are picked up and arranged as described in the book. For visitors, the Madame Tussaud's Wax House is open, where at every step you can see a famous historical figure or a representative of theater, cinema and music.

On the other side of the River Thames, the London Eye, a Ferris wheel, works with a stunning panorama of the whole city. In the Tower you can enjoy the old architecture and feed the ravens. Other popular destinations are the routes to Liverpool, Edinburgh and Manchester. Book a transfer through the service to visit the center and its surroundings.

How to navigate in such a dynamic city? The road network is developed here. There is a metro, including ground, buses, railway trains, river trams, which are considered a tourist mode of transport, and a taxi.

Metro consists of 12 lines, the interval of trains lasts from 2 to 5 minutes. Opening hours are from 5:30 to 00:30. By the way, in the London underground there is no free Wi-Fi, as the Internet in principle. Bus numbers 15 and 9 are the most popular tourist routes passing through Trafalgar Square to the Tower Bridge. There are also night flights, which differ from daytime only with the capital letter "N" before the number. Trains connect the center in 8 directions to the northern and western regions of London.

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