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Greece is an amazing country, combining world heritage and active beach holidays. Its territory is located between the two seas, the Aegean and Ionian. The largest island is Crete. For the convenience of movement, tourists have the opportunity to book a transfer to Crete from Heraklion Airport through the service

Heraklion is the historical center of Crete, the pearl of the Greek resort region. The city is named in honor of the invincible Hercules, according to legend, performed valiant exploits on this island. And in no way inferior to the picturesque Athens or Thessaloniki. Olive trees, ubiquitous vines, mountains, towering on the sea, pebble and sandy coasts. This is stored in Heraklion.

For its long history, it has transformed and become the center of modern, commercial and tourist life in Greece, while preserving its unique traditions. The capital of Crete is a city with a rich cultural heritage.

Getting acquainted with the city is best from the Historical Museum, located in the heart of Heraklion. Here are stored historical documents, ancient sculptures and works of Cretan icon painters. Treasures of Minoan culture are collected in the Archaeological Museum. In the halls are exhibits of the collections, found back in 1883. A special place is Knossos Palace, the monastery of the Minotaur. Unique in architecture, the building is presented in the form of a labyrinth with painted walls. In our days, ancient interior objects, built 3.600 years ago, have been preserved. This is the throne of the tsar, the bathroom and the imperial road.

Public transport in Crete is quite developed, so tourists easily move around the island. Basically, it's buses, taxis, ferries and bicycles. Each vehicle on the windshield has a board showing the entire route, including the final destination. Also you can get to Crete from the mainland and vice versa by water transport.

Traveling independently, it is necessary to take into account that many sights are far from each other. By booking a transfer to Heraklion on the site you will save time and see many more historical sites than using public transport.