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Don't know how to get from the airport to your destination? We recommend you to book transfer in Hungary, which will take you to the hotel. In the fleet, there are both economy and premium categories of cars. If you are traveling with a large group of people, you can book a bus for a specified number of people.

Hungary is the favorite place of tourists from Europe, which doesn’t inferior in beauty and richness of popular destinations to another countries. Tired of the same routs travelers will enjoy a unique national culture with a luscious dishes and melodic Gypsy motifs. Use the services of transportation of passengers in Hungary to go on a route drawn up in person.

The main attraction of Hungary is the capital Budapest that divided into two parts the sacred waters. It calls «the pearl of the Danube». You can visit these lakes, in addition where balneological resorts nestles nearby to the second longest international river. This type of health tourism rather popular as spa and numerous baths which have healing water from the thermal springs. It’s a perfect way for those people who want to relax away from the bustle of the city. The most visited health centers is located in Debrecen. Here you can combine the tour program with pleasure: to relax in the resorts, and to visit the memorial sites (Deri Museum, city Hall and Cathedral of Saint Anne).

If you would like to get experience of local culture in every country, you need proposed to see Budapest for enjoying the unique combination of architectural monuments of two thousand years of history and modern buildings. Be ready to visit the Hungarian Parliament building in the Gothic style. The city is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. You can get here by renting a car in Hungary.

Every town has a tour program dedicated to the Palace and the castles of Hungary. There are more than three thousand in the country. Every grandiose structure keeps its secret, legends and mysterious stories could tell you about them. Walking on a memorable architectural attractions is «must do's» in the tourist route through Hungary. In Eger you need to visit the monumental castle Shalwar and also to stay in one of 58 luxurious rooms.

You can try traditional dishes of goose liver, soup-goulash and other delicacies, seasoned with a favorite Hungarian paprika at the Csador you should visit. Hungary is famous of home-made wines by recipes of the time of Louis XIV.

Transfer to Hungary is a great way to spend a holiday with family or a large group of friends. It is recommended to go here in spring and autumn, when the weather is favorable for excursions, different from the hot summer and cloudy winter.