Transfer to Heviz

If you want peace and tranquility, peace and natural landscapes, it means time to collect suitcases and buy tickets to Hungary. Walks in Old Europe will give strength and will be charged with optimism. Through the service you can book a transfer to Hevíz and enjoy your vacation, restoring health in the famous Bulgarian resort.

Heviz is a city with a population of less than 5000 people, located 190 km from Budapest and 350 km from Eger. On its territory is the same name thermal lake the largest in Europe. Tourists visit the resort during the year, as water has medicinal properties, and the temperature remains unchanged. It is saturated with radon, sulfur, thorium and carbon dioxide. The surface is enveloped by dense steam. The lake has a volcanic origin, which feeds its mineral springs. The depth of the reservoir is 2 meters and the springs are at a depth of 38 meters.

Attractions are located in the vicinity to which you need to travel by public transport. Festeich Palace of the XVIII century is the largest mansion in Hungary is located in Keszthely. Here is a library with a collection of old books and a collection of medieval weapons. The beautiful castle of Battyani XVII century. There are guided tours, organize exhibitions and even offer to spend the night for tourists.

In Heviz many fortresses of past centuries are preserved. The oldest the Sumy was erected in the XI century. In Sigliget the ruins of a tower of the 13th century are preserved.

The nature of the resort is also amazing. National Park of the Pribalaton Upland, Tapoltsy Caves, Hevíz Vineyards. This is a world heritage.

For active tourists, knight tournaments of the Middle Ages are organized. Spears, riding horses, suits, armor and at the end is lavish meals, passing through the old customs.

Hevíz is a small town that you can get around on foot. But to explore the surrounding area you need to use public transport or rent a car. There is a bus station, a marina and a railway station. The main routes are the road to Tapolcu, Matsali, Siofok. Recreational vessels regularly depart to all regions of the Balaton coast. You can take a taxi or rent a bicycle. Since recently many rental points have appeared in the city.

If you don’t know how to get to Hevíz from the airport, then there are several ways. Train or bus. The journey takes 3-4 hours. Or book your Budapest Heviz transfer using