Transfer in Iceland

The transfer is a fast way to get to the destination after a long-time flight or trip. Use the passengers’ transportation services in Iceland and make your travel comfortable and safe.

Iceland is worldwide famous for its fjords and volcanoes, ice deserts and national parks. The country is situated on the same-name island washed by the Greenland Sea in the north, the Norwegian Sea in the east and the Denmark Strait in the west. Iceland in the mother tongue means “ice country”.

Reykjavik is the northernmost capital in the world, scientific and economic centre in Iceland. Tourists go there to see amazing landscapes, hot springs and spa resort “Blue Lagoon”.

The nature on the island is unique: a holiday in Iceland will please everyone. Active lifestyle fans can go to eco-tour, alpinists can choose a new climbing point and sky surfers can take a flight. The park “Thingvellir” is a popular excursion in Iceland where is located the largest lake of the island Tingvallavatn and legendary fields of Ting. In the valley of geysers, there is the water source rising up to 30 metres high from under the earth in the honour which such underground water sources are now called geysers.

The climate of the island is subarctic. In winter, lots of hotels are closed and the number of transport is decreased because the country has a “holiday”.

Book a transfer in Iceland to go between cities and resorts in a comfortable way. Travel to Iceland will impress even an experienced tourist.