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Iceland is located between Greenland and Eurasia. The center of this small island state is Reykjavik. A cozy city with a rich history and amazing landscape. Clean air and unusual architectural monuments annually attract more than 3 million tourists. How to get to Reykjavik? Book your transfer at The carrier will wait for you in the arrival area. Cars are equipped with seat belts and child seats.

The northernmost capital in the world is considered a cultural city with numerous sights. There are several natural basins and there are no industrial areas at all. Local people use the energy of geothermal sources. Mineral lake "Blue Lagoon" is proclaimed one of the wonders of the world. Thanks to the chemical composition, the water has an incredible turquoise color and is useful for health. Book your transfer in Reykjavik through to visit the unique natural site.

If you were in the city for the first time, visit the National Museum and the exhibition "Sag", dedicated to the life of severe Vikings. "Sunny Wanderer" is a symbol of Reykjavik, reminiscent of an ancient ship. The church of Hadlgrimskirkja is interesting for its architecture. The snow-white concrete building was built in a futuristic style: laconic spiers rush into the sky.

Enjoy the panorama of the city from a bird's-eye view can be found in the cultural center "Perlan". There are also concert halls, modern art exhibitions and a revolving restaurant with some of the best views of Iceland's surroundings.

The most popular transport in the capital of Iceland is a bus. There are domestic and intercity flights for more than 30 routes. Then there are ferries, bicycle rental and taxi, which is an expensive way of traveling. There is no railway station on the island. Steamers and motor boats regularly cruise in the direction from the center to the coastal environs and settlements. You can get to the popular recreation place, Videy, in 10-15 minutes. In spring and summer, sea transport runs every hour from 10:00 to 17:00, in winter - 3 times a day on weekends. Rent a car with a driver in Reykjavik to explore the island, regardless of the schedule.

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