Transfer from Milan to Aosta

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Aosta is the capital of the picturesque Italian region of Valle d'Aosta, located on the border with Switzerland and France. The city is surrounded by the highest mountains in Europe: Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso. It is considered a cultural and industrial center with a rich history. There are many ski resorts on the territory, the most popular among them is Aosta. The tracks are connected by special lifts. In addition, they are located close to each other.

Annually more than 500 thousand travelers come here. Many of them choose Milan. It's cheaper and closer to get here than from other cities.

Ways to get from Milan to Aosta

By bus 3 hours 60 minutes
From bus stop "Jewelers Cordusio" buses number 1 go every 2 hours in the direction of "Lampugano M1" station. Then you need to make a transfer and use the "Ski45" minibus that will take you to the resort.
By train 5 hours 46 minutes
The central railway station is located in the city center. From the station "Milan Cadorna" there is a train No. Р27. You need to stop Novara Fn. There, take the express train "Reg" of the company "Trenitalia", plying every 1.5 hours. Then make a transfer at the stop "Ivrea" and reach Aosta.
Rent a car from 2 hours
Very often the path is in no way inferior in beauty to the final stop. The distance between Milan and Aosta is more than 185 kilometers. Serpentine, coniferous forests, mountain peaks and gentle glades. If you want to enjoy the view and change the itinerary, rent a car or transfer from Milan to Aosta.
On the transfer 1 hour 30 minutes
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