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Going shopping in Italy, you do not need to ask the search engines "how to get to the outlet Milan". Book a transfer on the The driver will arrive at the specified location and you will quickly get to the Italian boutiques. After a shopping trip, take advantage of the transfer in Milan, not to bother themselves heavy packages. You will be met again by the carrier and go back to the hotel.

Milan is the trendsetter, the financial and economic center of Italy. It is a modern city with museums and theaters, business centers in high towers and educational institutions. To fully explore the city and feel its special atmosphere, it is worth renting a car with a personal driver in Milan. During the day you can visit not only the sights in the Central part, but also to go to the outlets, architectural structures and other tourist places.

Today, the historic district of the capital city of Maud is within the once-existing ring of medieval walls. Here is the Duomo, gallery Vittorio Emanuele II. The next area was also surrounded by 16th-century Spanish bastions. To get to this part it is necessary to walk around Monte Napoleone or Brera quarter, go to the Opera house La Scala or go to the bar in the atmospheric Port Garibaldi area.

Gallery Santa Maria delle Grazie, which houses the "Last Supper" Da Vinci, Sempione Park, the Science Museum-this is just a small list of what you need to see in Milan. In General, in the city center at every step is a Museum, cafe, theater or just a beautiful building, so no doubt go here for a walk.

Porta Nuova is a triumphal arch from the early 19th century and is named after it's business district. There are no other ancient buildings in this part of Milan: buildings are gradually being built with skyscrapers. Now there are only about 20 high-rises: Bosco Vertical, Pirelli, Lombardy and many others. In CityLife also erect skyscrapers, and here is the most expensive.

One of the most beautiful cities of Italy: Rome, Florence, Venice, Turin.

It is very convenient to travel by public transport in Milan, as there is a single ticket for all modes of transport. But there are a lot of transplanting places, so you can easily get lost and go to the other end of the city. To prevent this from happening, rent a car with a personal driver on And to get to the hotel on arrival, book a transfer to Milan from the airport. The metro consists of 4 branches, the 5th is under construction since 2015. Buses and trams run 24 hours a day throughout Milan.